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“God’s Own Country, ” Kerala,” is a celestial beauty where nature unites with cultural plurality. Enveloped within the celestial evergreens of the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, this picturesque state is characterized by the labyrinthine backwaters. Also, documenting Kerala’s richness further is Ayurveda, which amplifies its cultural confluence alongside its classical art forms and ancient legends. So, there is no better way to experience such an abundant supply of nature and culture than visiting its inviting beaches. Here, we introduce you to the best private beach resorts in Kerala, each more exclusive than the next that form this alluring coastal territory. 

Top Six Private Beach Resorts in Kerala 

The Arabian Sea cradles Kerala’s 550 km coastline, along its length is a ribbon of golden sands. Therefore, characterized by their natural beauty and tranquil ambiance, the beaches of Kerala – have that perfect balance of seclusion and bustle for those seeking a serene retreat or a lively and adventurous getaway. Let’s discuss some of the best private beach resorts in Kerala:

1. Azure Bliss Retreat, Kovalam

Azure Bliss Retreat offers a stunning panoramic view of a cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea. Watch beautiful sunsets from your sea-facing luxurious rooms as the wind hums the stories of the sea. Also, this is one of the best 5 star beach resorts in Kerala and has an Ayurvedic wellness and spa center that offers tailor-made treatments and therapies.

2. Serene Haven, Varkala

Serene Haven beach is a bastion of privacy, embedded in a secluded part of Varkala Beach. Each villa in the hotel has its private pool that symbolizes indulgence intertwined with the beauty of nature. Also, this retreat’s cuisine is an exotic fusion of worldly flavours alongside authentic Kerala cuisine. Plus,enjoy the serene view at the best beach hotels in Kerala.

3. Coastal Charm Resort, Mararikulam

The Coastal Charm Resort sits on the unspoiled coastline of Marari Beach. Furthermore, the inspiration for the resort’s cottages came from the vernacular fishing villages of the region, offering guests an authentic coastal lifestyle experience. Moreover, this resort follows a philosophy of a sustainable lifestyle, supported by an onsite organic farm and local experiences that showcase the region’s rich cultural heritage.

4. Tranquil Oasis, Bekal

The Tranquil Oasis sprawls among spacious villas with private courtyards and plunge pools set along tranquil backwaters, making it a perfect spot for romance or relaxation. Here, you can enjoy Jiva Spa, with its own signature spa experiences, bringing you holistic wellness and an uplifting experience in this beautiful place.

5. Hidden Retreat, Kasaragod

Hidden Retreat is a small, intimate and tranquil retreat with contemporary eco-friendly and traditional cottages that balance comfort and sustainability. Hence, several treatments at the retreat’s wellness center are Ayurvedic in focus, and yoga embraces a holistic approach that rejuvenates the mind and the body. 

6. Paradise Cove

Paradise Cove is a beautiful resort with luxury suites and villas in the Arabian Sea. Also, the resort takes indulgence to another level completely, and comes with an 18-hole golf championship course, an ample selection of spa services, water sports, fine dining, and an array of cultural experiences of the region. 

7. Timeless Elegance – Trivandrum Haven

Trivandrum Haven is a timeless piece of elegance nestled on the shores at Poovar beach. Plus, it is one of the best beach hotels in Kerala and has spacious suites adorned in traditional Kerala style, giving you the perfect blend of luxury and cultural immersion.  Also, the private beach and fabulous cuisine at the beachfront restaurant are just some of its attractions. This eco-friendly property focuses on wellness and a dedication to sustainability.  Moreover, the resort’s dedication to sustainability through its eco-friendly initiatives and community involvement, helping the property peacefully coexist with its natural surroundings. 

8 .Coastal opulence, Alleppey retreat

This retreat is a pocket of coastal luxury hidden away in the serene backwaters of the Alleppey. The elegantly designed villas have private decks that look out to the peaceful backwaters. Dine on a meal like no other when you cruise down the backwater canals on a houseboat. Plus, the retreat also prides itself in its guided houseboat cruises to admire the pristine wonder of the backwater to its fullest. Also, at the same time, this exclusive coastal retreat is the perfect place to relax with lush and green surroundings and the gratuitous beauty of the backwaters from the infinity swimming pool.

Explore the Cultural Tapestry

Breathtaking natural beauty is only part of Kerala’s rich cultural heritage. Uncover its classical dance form, the dramatic art of Kathakali, which recounts stories of gods and heroes. Bekal Fort offers sweeping Arabian Sea views, while the granite Padmanabhaswamy Temple, in Dravidian style, marks an ornate Hindu attraction. The star beauty of Kerala’s culture is best experienced at a bustling spice market amidst the color and music of traditional festivals. Also, choose the best 5-star beach resorts in Kerala to enjoy your stay here.

Delicious Food

Kerala cuisine is a melange of taste, spiked with flavors of fresh seafood, aromatic condiments, and coconut. Each resort offers distinct culinary experiences. Its menu is crafted by chefs with expertise in Kerala cuisine, which marries traditional Sadhyas and coastal delicacies such as Karimeen pollichathu and Chemmeen curry, as well as more global dishes.

Ayurvedic Wellness

Ayurvedic Wellness is available at all resorts. These inspiring experiences recognize the traditional healing practices of old and offer a variety of treatments. Rejuvenate your body and mind. Furthermore, you can also get these facilities in every 5-star beach resort in Kochi and other cities.

Indulge in local aromatic oils and therapy herbs

These serene destination spas are situated on Kerala’s coast and invite you to relax and rest. So, get benefit from traditional Ayurvedic wisdom and treatments. Also, experience a series of private yoga sessions. 5-star beach resorts in Kochi offer various meditations and therapies as well.

Best Season to Enjoy Charm of the Kerala 

It’s open all year, but the best time to visit would be the winter, between October and March. October through March are the best months to visit Kerala. You have cooler temperatures and less rain, and you can see the cultural attractions without worrying about the weather. If you want to see Kerala’s beauty, you should plan your visit in the winter. 


Go to a beach resort that has Kerala exclusivity with natural settings and luxury, as much as a beach resort can be. Thus, each has its own vibe. Azure Bliss Retreat is for relaxation, while the Serene Haven is for getting away to yourself.  So,plan your winter visit so you can see the beauty of Kerala and enjoy great accommodations. Book your best private beach resorts in Kerala and enjoy this beautiful state.

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