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Exploring Mumbai’s Gem: 10 Exciting Things to Do in Juhu

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Mumbai, which is a big city on the western side of India, is known for its lively culture, old places, and pretty beaches. One of the most famous parts of Mumbai is called Juhu. It’s on the western side of town. Juhu is special because it has a beautiful beach and lots of fun things to do for everyone. In this blog, we’ll show you around Juhu and talk about the top 10 things you can enjoy there. Whether you’re from Mumbai or visiting, you’ll definitely find some things to do in Juhu.

Juhu Beach

You must go to Juhu Beach when you visit Juhu. It’s a must-see place. Walk slowly on the sandy beach, feel the cool sea breeze, and try yummy street food like pani puri and bhel puri from the food stalls near the beach.

Sunset Watching

Juhu Beach is well-known for its stunning sunsets. In the evening, find a nice place on the beach, sit down, and look as the sun goes down below the sea. It makes the sky turn golden, and it’s a truly beautiful sight. The sea looks like it’s shining with gold colors.


Near the beach, there’s a calm and spiritual place called the ISKCON Temple. You can see its beautiful building, walk around the temple area, and join one of their special spiritual meetings.

Foodie Paradise

Juhu has lots of places to eat. You can get tasty street food like vada pav, or you can go to fancy restaurants that serve food from around the world. There’s something yummy for everyone! And, make sure to taste some traditional Maharashtrian dishes at the local restaurants.


In Juhu, you can do some shopping. There are different places to buy stuff, like old-style markets where they sell clothes and things you can wear, and also little shops that sell unique things. The lively street markets are great for finding souvenirs to remember your visit and buying stylish clothes and stuff.

Prithvi Theatre

If you like art, you should go to Prithvi Theatre. It’s a special place for performances and art stuff. You can watch a play, listen to poetry, or just enjoy the artistic atmosphere of this cool spot.

Joggers’ Park

If you want a quiet place away from the busy city, go to Joggers’ Park. It’s a nice park with lots of green plants, paths for jogging, and calm sights of the Arabian Sea.

Versova Beach

Not far from Juhu, there’s a place called Versova Beach. It’s also by the sea and looks really pretty. People know it for its nice views, a lively group of fishermen, and a project called the Versova Beach Cleanup that’s all about keeping the beach clean and tidy.


You can watch the newest Bollywood or Hollywood movies at PVR ICON in Juhu. It’s a fancy movie theater with really good stuff, like nice seats and cool things. It’s a great spot for a fun movie night.

Gandhi Gram

Go see Gandhi Gram, a special place near Juhu Beach that honors Mahatma Gandhi. It’s a peaceful spot where you can think and remember the great leader of our country.


Juhu is a wonderful place in Mumbai. It has a beach, culture, and lots of different things to see and do. No matter what you like, like relaxing, feeling spiritual, learning about different cultures, or trying yummy food, Juhu has something for you. So, if you’re in Mumbai, make sure to visit Juhu and try out these fun things to do in Juhu. Have a great time in this nice neighborhood!

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