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Things to Do in LA in a Day: A Perfect 24-Hour Itinerary

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Are you thinking about taking a quick trip to Los Angeles and want to know how to have a great time there? Los Angeles is a big city with lots of fun stuff to do, so planning a perfect day can be hard. But don’t worry! We have a complete guide to show you the best things to do in LA in a day.

Start Your Day: Dive into the Coastal Atmosphere

Santa Monica Pier

Begin your morning at the famous Santa Monica Pier, where you can see the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Walk on the pier, ride the big Ferris wheel, and maybe even touch the water with your feet. And don’t miss taking a picture with the “End of the Trail” Route 66 sign.

Venice Beach

If you drive a little way to the south, you’ll reach the lively and colorful Venice Beach. Walk slowly along the Venice Boardwalk, where you’ll meet street entertainers, artists, and people selling things. You should also check out Muscle Beach, known for its strong bodybuilders.

Breakfast at Eggslut

Fill up your tummy in the morning with a yummy breakfast at Eggslut, which you can find at the Grand Central Market. You really should try their special dish called the “Slut.” It’s a soft-cooked egg on top of creamy mashed potatoes, served in a glass jar.

Noon Adventure: Dive into LA’s Cultural Scene

The Getty Center

Go to The Getty Center, a special place on a hill that looks over LA. This museum has a lot of fancy art from Europe, like paintings, sculptures, and pretty things. The cool buildings and nice gardens make it a fun place to visit, even if you’re not into art.

Lunch at In-N-Out Burger

Try a real California favorite for lunch at In-N-Out Burger. Get a Double-Double and some animal-style fries for a delicious taste of local fast food.

Daytime Delight: Hollywood’s Sparkling Charm

Hollywood Walk of Fame

You can’t leave LA without walking on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Find your favorite stars’ names on the ground and take a picture with the famous Hollywood sign behind you.

Griffith Observatory

Go to the Griffith Observatory for amazing views of Los Angeles all around. Inside, you can check out cool stuff about space and science, and if you visit in the evening, you can look at the stars through their big telescopes.

Nightfall: Sunset Serenity and Supper

Sunset at Runyon Canyon

Take a hike up to Runyon Canyon to see a beautiful LA sunset. Lots of people like to hike here because you can see the city, the Hollywood Sign, and the mountains around.

Dinner at The Original Pantry Cafe

If you want a classic LA eating adventure, go to The Original Pantry Cafe. This place is open all day and night, and it’s been making tasty American comfort food since 1924. You should taste their famous pancakes or a delicious steak.

Evening Excitement: Live Showtime

Catch a Show

Finish your day with live fun. In LA, you have lots of choices, like comedy shows at places like The Comedy Store or live music at spots like The Troubadour. Just look at the local schedule to find out what’s happening tonight.

This plan is full of things to do in LA in a day so you can enjoy the city’s different culture, beautiful scenery, and famous places all in one day. Whether you’re here for the first time or you’ve been here before, these “Things to Do in LA in a Day” activities will help you have a great time and make lasting memories in the City of Angels.

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