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Planning the Perfect Honeymoon in Italy: A Guide for You

Imagine cruising along the beautiful Amalfi Coast, enjoying the stunning views. Picture yourself savoring a glass of wine while looking out over a vineyard in Tuscany. And don’t forget the romantic gondola rides in Venice. When you think of a honeymoon in Italy, these are just some of the amazing experiences that come to mind. And you know what? The reality is just as wonderful as you imagine it to be.

Italy is a country that’s perfect for romance, and it offers a lot of different things to do.

No matter what kind of couple you are, Italy has a honeymoon that’s just right for you. Whether you dream of an exciting road trip, a relaxing vacation by the coast, a trip exploring historical cities, or simply visiting all the famous attractions, there’s an Italy honeymoon that will suit your desires.

We have explored many parts of Italy, and while we have sometimes traveled with family and friends, most of the time we travel as a couple, looking for romantic experiences wherever we go.

This guide for your honeymoon in Italy is made to help you plan easily and have a delightful trip. Since you have a whole wedding to plan, I understand that you want to keep your honeymoon planning as simple as possible!

In this comprehensive blog post, we embark on an enlightening journey, skillfully delving into the realms of the following topics:

  1. Unforgettable Honeymoon Destinations in Italy: Where to Embark on Your Romantic Journey
    2. Unforgettable Romantic Activities for Your Honeymoon in Italy
    3. Embark on an Unforgettable Honeymoon Journey: Italy’s Most Exquisite Hotels Await
    4. Getting Around During Your Honeymoon in Italy
    5. When to honeymoon in Italy
    6. What to pack for your honeymoon

Unforgettable Honeymoon Destinations in Italy: Where to Embark on Your Romantic Journey

Classic Italy Honeymoon Destinations

One honeymoon in Italy cannot include all the romantic places in the country. Those can be saved for future anniversary trips. But don’t worry, no matter what you like, there are definitely delightful combinations of destinations for you to choose from!

1. Rome

Rome is an amazing place to visit on your honeymoon in Italy. It has a rich history, famous sights like the Colosseum, delicious food, and a vibrant culture. In fact, it’s one of our favorite cities in the whole world!

2. Florence

Florence, the capital of Tuscany and renowned as the birthplace of the Renaissance, is a city that exudes beauty at every turn. Moreover, it offers delightful experiences.

Florence is perfect for leisurely walks, boasts delectable cuisine, and provides a less crowded atmosphere compared to the bustling streets of Rome. Additionally, its proximity to numerous romantic day trip destinations makes it an excellent option for your honeymoon in Italy.

Being the hometown of celebrated artists, Florence serves as an ideal haven for both art enthusiasts and culinary connoisseurs alike.

3. Tuscan Countryside

Tuscany is incredibly romantic. It’s so romantic that we have already created a whole guide for having a honeymoon in Tuscany!

If you desire a traditional honeymoon in Italy, with exclusive wine tastings and charming villages, then Tuscany is the perfect destination for you.

4. Venice

When it comes to romance in Italy, Venice is the city that stands out.

Venice is famous for its gondolas, lovely canals, and quiet narrow streets (which are a stark contrast to the busy main squares). It’s a truly delightful place to wander and discover. Whether we plan it or not, every day spent in Venice feels like a romantic getaway.

5. Verona

Verona, the city associated with the story of Romeo and Juliet, is an obvious choice for a best honeymoon location in Italy. However, even if you’re not familiar with the tale of the tragic lovers, Verona is still a remarkable place to explore.

Verona is known for its beautiful sights and attractions. It offers a blend of history, culture, and picturesque charm that makes it a worthwhile destination. Whether you’re interested in the romantic story of Romeo and Juliet or simply want to experience the captivating atmosphere of Verona, it’s definitely a city worth visiting.

Verona is a really beautiful city with lots of fascinating stories and lovely towers. The Adige River runs through it, and you can enjoy absolutely stunning views (honestly, Verona has better river views than Florence, just wanted to mention that!).

6. Cinque Terre

These five beautiful villages in Liguria have been attracting lovers for hundreds of years. They have colorful buildings, nice paths for walking, and amazing views of the sea. Plus, they offer delicious seafood and pesto. Cinque Terre is a fantastic choice to include in your Italy honeymoon.

7. Amalfi Coast

Do you imagine sailboats, rocky shores, and living in absolute luxury for your honeymoon?

If that’s what you’re looking for, then the glamorous and dazzling Amalfi Coast is the perfect destination for you!

Go on a boat ride along the coast of Positano, take a leisurely stroll through the village of Amalfi, marvel at the breathtaking views from the gardens of Villa Rufolo in Ravello, and enjoy a scenic hike on the Path of the Gods.

Once you experience all of that, you’ll quickly understand why the Amalfi Coast is considered a timeless choice for honeymooners.

8. Capri

The incredibly stunning island of Capri has been a magnet for wealthy and famous individuals for thousands of years. From Roman emperors to movie stars and many others in between, people have been drawn to its allure. The best part is that Capri is conveniently accessible from the Amalfi Coast, making it a fantastic addition to any honeymoon in Italy!

9. Lake Como

Surrounded by the stunning Alps, Lake Como is a breathtaking destination that appeals to both nature enthusiasts and city lovers.

If you’re interested in water activities, visiting the villas in Bellagio, going on hikes, or exploring the charming streets of Menaggio, the region around Lake Como has something for everyone.

Don’t have enough time to stay overnight at the lake during your romantic getaway? No worries! You can still plan a day trip to Lake Como from Milan and make the most of your time.

10. Offbeat Italy Honeymoon Destinations

Are you and your new partner not really into the typical and busy tourist spots, and want to make your honeymoon in Italy a bit more special?

If that sounds like you, then maybe one of these exciting adventures could be just what you’re looking for.

11. For Road-Trippers: Sicily

If you’re up for an Italian road trip, Sicily is the place to be!

The largest island in the Mediterranean has a lot to offer, including curvy roads, charming small towns, interesting cities, beautiful beaches, ancient Greek ruins, mouthwatering food, amazing wine, and even a volcano!

An unparalleled aspect lies in the fact that you can savor this entire experience without causing a dent in your finances. Sicily is much more affordable compared to the popular honeymoon destinations in Italy.

Think about flying into Palermo and then traveling around the island, visiting some amazing destinations along the way. Places like Cefalu, Agrigento (especially for its stunning Valley of the Temples), Taormina, and Syracuse are just a few suggestions to consider adding to your itinerary!

12. For Beach Lovers: Puglia

There are so many things to enjoy about Puglia, which is also known as the “heel” of Italy’s boot. The food is fantastic, the road trips are amazing, the landscapes are diverse, and the prices are quite affordable compared to other parts of Italy. And for those who want to bask in the sun during their honeymoon, the beaches in Puglia are absolutely wonderful!

Puglia offers a variety of fantastic beach towns to choose from. You might want to start your beach exploration with places like Polignano al Mare, Monopoli, or Otranto.

However, it’s important to take a break from the beach and explore other parts of Puglia. One place you can’t miss is Alberobello village, famous for its unique trulli homes.

And even though it’s technically located in Basilicata instead of Puglia, Matera is another must-visit destination when you’re in this part of Italy!

Unforgettable Romantic Activities for Your Honeymoon in Italy

Take a private gondola ride

Private rides on gondolas can be expensive, but your honeymoon is a perfect occasion to treat yourselves!
Make your time in Venice extra special by adding a luxurious private gondola ride to your plans. It’s even better if you can time it for a sunset experience.

Go wine tasting in the countryside.

Exploring the Italian countryside and tasting wine is both famous and enjoyable.
Even if you don’t know a lot about wine, visiting a winery and trying different types (often accompanied by tasty snacks or even a meal) is an experience you won’t forget easily.

Charter a boat along the coast

For an incredibly romantic experience along the coast, consider chartering a boat for a day! It’s a great opportunity to swim, capture stunning views with your camera, and even enjoy a meal onboard.
This activity is particularly popular along the Amalfi Coast, especially in the charming town of Positano. However, you can find options to venture out to sea in many coastal areas throughout Italy. It’s a fantastic way to enhance your honeymoon and create lasting memories.

Take a cooking class

Do you want to bring a piece of your Italy honeymoon back with you?
Consider taking a cooking class together and learn how to prepare a delicious meal that you can enjoy for years to come. It’s a wonderful way to create a special memory and continue the honeymoon spirit in your own home.

Marvel at some of the world’s most beloved art

Italy boasts some of the most remarkable art collections in the world. Artists like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Botticelli all hail from Italy.
Art enthusiasts shouldn’t miss visiting the Uffizi or Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence, as well as the Vatican Museums or Borghese Gallery in Rome. These are must-visit destinations to immerse yourself in the beauty of Italian art.

Hike between magnificent towns

Even if you’re unable to include a trip to the Dolomites in your Italy honeymoon, there are still numerous opportunities for novice hikers to relish in short hikes throughout the country.

For instance, you can consider hiking a portion of the Via Francigena in Tuscany or embarking on a hike from Monterosso al Mare to Vernazza in Cinque Terre.
Not only will you be rewarded with awe-inspiring views along the way, but treating yourself to an indulgent, multi-course Italian lunch will be even more delightful after some physical activity.

Go for a walk in a beautiful city at dawn

It’s difficult to imagine anything more romantic than walking hand-in-hand with your loved one past some of the world’s biggest attractions, such as Rome’s Colosseum, Florence’s Duomo, and Venice’s canals. And it becomes even more special when you have them all to yourselves.

Surprisingly, this is quite easy to achieve, especially if you plan your honeymoon in Italy outside of the busy summer season. Just wake up early in the morning.
We have personally experienced the joy of admiring Italy’s famous landmarks without any crowds around. It simply requires waking up a little earlier (don’t worry, the first cafes tend to open around 6 am, so you won’t have to wait long for a cappuccino and a sweet pastry!).

Zip through the countryside on a Vespa

Is there a more delightful way to explore the Italian countryside than by riding a Vespa with your partner?
For us, riding a Vespa together has always ranked among the most romantic activities in Italy. Moreover, it’s definitely something you should consider adding to your honeymoon to-do list!

Splurge on a magnificent Michelin Star meal

In Italy’s big cities, as well as some small towns and villages, you’ll find renowned restaurants that serve incredibly delicious food.
To make your honeymoon in Italy even more special, consider reserving a table at one of the country’s top-rated restaurants for a memorable dining experience.

Embark on an Unforgettable Honeymoon Journey: Italy’s Most Exquisite Hotels Await

Where you stay during your Italy honeymoon will depend on the specific places you visit.

However, in this section, we’ll focus on showcasing some truly exceptional properties that are synonymous with a dreamy honeymoon in Italy.

If you’re planning to travel with less money for most of your trip, think about spending a bit more for one or two nights to have an amazing and fancy experience at these special places!

But here’s a small suggestion: don’t book the most luxurious accommodation at the beginning of your trip. It’s better to wait until you’ve gotten over the tiredness from the long flight.


Le Sirenuse is a really famous hotel in Italy, especially along the beautiful Amalfi Coast. It’s known for its stunning views, great spot in Positano, fancy facilities, and the amazing La Sponda restaurant that even has a Michelin star.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more money and you’re planning a special trip like a honeymoon or anniversary, Le Sirenuse could be the perfect place for you to stay during your 3-day visit to the Amalfi Coast.


Hotel Lungarno is a fancy hotel in Florence that’s located right next to the Arno River. It has an amazing view of the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge, and from the top deck, you can also see the rest of Florence. It’s our top choice for a luxurious stay in Florence, especially if you want to make your trip extra special, like for a honeymoon. The hotel has a romantic atmosphere, lovely rooms, and it’s in a perfect location. It’s definitely the ultimate honeymoon hotel in Florence!


If you want to have an incredibly fancy and unforgettable experience during your 2-day stay in Venice, then you should definitely consider the famous Hotel Danieli. It’s located in three old palaces along the Riva degli Schiavoni.

Everything at this hotel has been carefully taken care of, from the furniture to the delicious breakfast. The hotel is also in a great location, just a few steps away from the Bridge of Sighs. The lobby is absolutely stunning and will make sure that your trip to Venice is one that you’ll always remember.

Tuscan Countryside

Do you want to have the most amazing honeymoon experience in Italy? Then you should consider staying at Castello Banfi – Il Borgo, which is like a real castle! This place will make you feel like royalty with its charming rooms, beautiful surroundings, and stunning interior decorations. And let’s not forget about the romantic atmosphere that will make your stay extra special!

Getting Around During Your Honeymoon in Italy

When you’re in cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice, walking will likely be your main way of getting around. But when you leave the city centers and need to go to other places, you usually have a few options: taking a train, bus, plane, or renting a car.

If you can, we highly recommend traveling by train as it’s our favorite way to explore Italy. It’s usually affordable if you plan ahead, comfortable, and it can also add a romantic touch to your journey.

When to Honeymoon in Italy

Every season in Italy has something special to offer, so you can have a great honeymoon no matter when you go. Just make sure you know what to expect based on the time of year you choose.


During spring in Italy, there might be more rain, but the good news is that you’ll see beautiful flowers blooming all over the country, which can make up for the rain.

Spring is a wonderful time to take photos in Italy because everything looks stunning when it’s in full bloom. Plus, if you visit earlier in the season, you’ll likely find lower prices and fewer people around, which can make your trip even more enjoyable.


If you and your partner dream of a honeymoon relaxing on the beaches of Italy, like in Sicily, Sardinia, or Puglia, then summer is the perfect season for you.

However, I should let you know that during summer, Italy can get really crowded, and prices can be higher compared to other seasons. But if you’re looking forward to lots of sunshine and swimming in the beautiful sea, then summer is still the right time for you.


We absolutely love traveling to Italy in the fall, and it’s our favorite season for a honeymoon, especially in central Italy. During this time, you’ll witness the beautiful changing colors, enjoy cooler weather, and experience the joy of the harvest.

Fall is the perfect season for couples who want to focus on delicious food and exploring the sights without dealing with the large crowds that come with summer.


Winter in Italy is a wonderful but often overlooked time to visit. The cities are much less crowded, and prices for accommodations and activities drop significantly. As long as you’re not set on coastal activities, you’ll have plenty of options to do whatever you want in Italy during the winter.

If you’re a fan of skiing, you can have a fantastic time in Italy. Head to South Tyrol and Piedmont for some amazing slopes. Just keep in mind that these regions may not have the same low prices as other parts of Italy during the winter.

What to Pack for Your Honeymoon in Italy

The Pacsafe Travelsafe 12L GII Portable Safe : Honeymoons are meant for having lots of fun and leaving your worries behind. To make things even easier for yourselves, consider getting a Pacsafe before you leave. We always bring our Pacsafe with us wherever we go, and we’re always grateful to have it.

Travel Adoptors from Italy: If you’re traveling to Europe from a country outside of Europe, it’s important to have adaptors for your electronic devices.

Portable USB Charger: Don’t worry about your phone running out of battery while you’re exploring and taking lots of honeymoon selfies. Make sure to include a portable charger on your honeymoon packing list.

Travel Journal: Listen to someone who had their honeymoon not too long ago and it feels like a blur: you’ll definitely want to remember this special time. Take a few minutes every day to write in a journal about what happened during your honeymoon. Those memories are incredibly valuable and precious.

Umbrella: Here are your options: Option A: If it suddenly starts raining, you can buy an umbrella. Option B: Be prepared and buy an umbrella before you leave, which is likely to be more durable. Option C: Cross your fingers and hope for good weather, but keep in mind that we’ve never been to Italy without experiencing any rain.

Money Belt: It’s your choice: we don’t use one anymore, but if you feel better having your passports with you in Italy, you can think about bringing a passport holder. We used to use this particular one and had no issues. Nowadays, we prefer to keep our valuables in our Pacsafe during the day

Swiss army knife: This may seem like an odd item to include, but it can actually come in handy. When you want to open a bottle of wine in your hotel room or cut a piece of delicious parmigiano-reggiano that you bought at the market, you’ll be really happy that you have it!

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