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Road Trip from Los Angeles to San Diego: A Scenic Adventure

la to san diego scenic route | how to drive from la to san diego

The road trip from Los Angeles to San Diego is one of the most famous drives in Southern California. It has amazing views, cute towns by the sea, and lots of cool stuff to see. It’s going to be a super fun adventure, so get ready, put on your seatbelt, bring some sunscreen, and come along with us on this road trip from Los Angeles to San Diego!

Kick off your journey in Los Angeles:

Your exciting trip starts right in the middle of Los Angeles. Before you leave the city, don’t forget to check out some cool places like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Griffith Observatory, and Santa Monica Pier. They’re famous and worth a visit!

The Scenic Pacific Coast Highway (PCH):

When you’re all set to go, head towards the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), which is also called California State Route 1. This famous road runs along the coast and gives you amazing views of the ocean at every corner. Don’t forget to have your camera ready while you drive.

Enchanting Malibu:

Your first big stop is the pretty town of Malibu. Malibu is famous for its nice beaches and houses where famous people live. It’s a great spot to chill, enjoy the sun, or try surfing if you like it.

Point Mugu State Park:

As you keep going south, make sure to visit Point Mugu State Park. This beautiful place has steep rocks, paths to walk on, and wide views of the Pacific Ocean. It’s a nice spot for a picnic and to take cool photos for your Instagram.


Next up is Ventura city. Take a walk in its old downtown area, have some food, and go to the Ventura Pier to experience the traditional California beach lifestyle.

Santa Barbara:

About one and a half hours from Ventura, Santa Barbara has nice buildings with a Spanish style, pretty beaches, and fancy stores. Downtown’s main street is called State Street. You can check out stores, art places, and places to eat there.


For something special, take a little side trip to Solvang. It’s a village in Santa Ynez Valley that looks like Denmark. It’s a cute place to visit, and you can taste some Danish sweets.

Pismo Beach:

Going further down, Pismo Beach is a nice place to have lunch right by the beach. You can also go see the Monarch Butterfly Grove at certain times of the year or rent a special vehicle called an ATV to have fun on the sandy hills.

San Luis Obispo:

San Luis Obispo, or SLO, is a lively college town with a really pretty downtown area. You should definitely check out the famous Bubblegum Alley and the old Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa.

Morro Bay:

Not far from SLO, Morro Bay is famous for its special Morro Rock, a big rock that comes out of the ocean. You can go on a boat ride in the harbor or eat fresh seafood by the water.

The Final Stretch to San Diego:

As you get closer to San Diego, think about making a small side trip to La Jolla. It’s well-known for its pretty spots by the water, caves in the sea, and seals that live there. After that, just keep driving on the beautiful I-5 South road, and you’ll reach the end of your trip in San Diego.


Going on a road trip from Los Angeles to San Diego is not just driving; it’s like a big adventure through beautiful places by the ocean and lively towns in California. From the exciting LA to the peaceful San Diego, this trip has something for everyone. So, get your stuff, start driving, and enjoy every second of this amazing road trip from Los Angeles to San Diego.

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