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The 10 Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in the United States

Cannon Beach to visit in US.

When it comes to beauty, power and might, the United States certainly isn’t lagging in any way. The country is powerful and if not the most powerful nation in the world. The United States also has rich and beautiful States like California, New York, Texas and many more, what more?? The United States is also strategically placed on the world map hence it has several coastal towns spread across its landscape. The country can boast of several diverse and breathtaking coastline towns which stretch for thousands of miles. Coastal towns are found in areas that have rugged cliffs, pristine beaches, and shoreline dots. They collectively offer a perfect and awesome mix of the beauty of nature and the rich cultural heritage the country is made of. In this piece, we examine the 10 beautiful coastal towns in the United States, so let go!!


Carmel-by-the-sea comes as one of the most beautiful coast towns in the United States. It is located on the central coast of California’s Monterey Peninsula. It is a picturesque town with many fairytale-looking cottages. The coastal town also features several art galleries and a beautiful beach. The beach has white sand with cypress trees featured in it. Carmel-by-the-sea coastal town is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the serene environment nature has got to offer, it is for this reason it is a top choice for visitors on outdoor purposes.

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is a small coastal town found on Mount Desert Island in Maine. It is a town often known to be a popular gateway to the Acadia National Park. As part of its beautiful natural feature, are the rugged cliffs that it possesses, also the town boasts of emerald forests, and a stunning coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. It offers a perfect scenery of nature. Visitors typically enjoy exploring the hiking trails at the town’s park, boat tour is also common and an incredibly vast wildlife environment.

Key West

The key West coastal town is located in Florida, precisely the most Southern part of the Continental US. It is classified as part of the Florida Keys archipelago. It is commonly regarded as a paradise town having a laid-back island vibe. It is loved by many because it is a vibrant and ever-bubbling town with beautiful architecture, captivating sunset experience and ever-bubbling streets.  At Key West, there is a whole lot to explore. Ranging from snorkeling in the water that is crystal-clear to exploring coral reefs and also relaxing on the beautiful pristine beaches .


Newport is a popular shining gem coastal town in Rhode Island. It is well known to have Gilded Age houses because it is a historic town founded in the 17th century. For visitors, there is a whole lot to explore as visitors can expect to stroll around the cliff. It also offers a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. What more? The town has got a boat yacht to provide a means of enjoying riding on the Atlantic ocean.

Cannon Beach

It is a beautiful but small coastal beach located in Northwestern Oregon. The coastal town, maybe small, but it has some fascinating landmarks that never cease to amuse visitors. Features of the beach include a stunning and expansive sandy beach, lots of cliffs, beautiful forest and backdrops. Visitors have the luxury of exploring the tide pools, colorful views of the setting of the sun, art galleries, boutiques and many more. 


It is a coastal town found in the Port City of South Carolina. The town has got antebellum architectural designs and a cobblestone environment. The town was founded in the 17th century. The city boasts of having a very good culinary view, beautiful plantations and of course stunning beaches. The town also offers horse-drawn carriage rides that can take visitors throughout its district. Visitors among other places can visit the Fort Sumter National Monument. However, they can also choose to relax at the nearby barrier islands.

St. Augustine

St. Augustine is a Northeast town in Florida. The town is known to be the earliest town to host European settlement during the European migration. It has also got cobblestone streets and lots of beautiful Spanish architectural designs. Among other things, visitors can explore lighthouses, beaches and historic districts.


It is a beautiful picturesque coastal town found in Southern Maine: it is particularly known for its beaches. It is known to have 2 types of beaches which are the long sandy Goose Rocks Beach and the smaller Arundel Beach. The town features a harbor, lobster boats, and of course sailboats. Its streets are beautiful with lots of side attractions. Visitors can stroll in the street for a nice workout. The sandy beaches offer a good spot for relaxation while still getting a good view of the environment.

La Jolla

La Jolla coastal town is a remarkable coastal town located in California. It is particularly different from most other coastal towns because it is a smart town with a rugged coastline. It has cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is often regarded as the paradise town of Southern California. Apart from being a smart town, La Jolla also boasts of a beautiful coastal view and lovely beaches that keep visitors in awe of nature. Little wonder it is one of the most preferred choices for visitors who wish to go on outdoor activities.

Traverse City

It is a coastal city located in the State of Michigan. Its coastline is found along the line of Lake Michigan. Traverse City is a county of Grand Transverse which partly extends into Leelanau County. It is a stunning Coastal city that offers visitors access to enjoy freshwater beaches, rolling vineyards, and cherry orchards. The city because of its unique location and features is a popular destination for visitors who wish to enjoy outdoor activities. Also, food enthusiasts can benefit from the city with a lot of menus and interesting food to explore. 

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